We are a fraction of the cost of IUI’s and IVF’s!

Fertility Acupuncture Visits

15 Minute Q&A – No charge

Intial Consultation and Treatment – $130

Follow-Up Visit – $80

Other Services

Private Yoga Instruction – $60/hr

Private Meditation Instruction – $60/hr

We recommend

treatments once per week through 3-12 menstrual cycles.  You should take treatment in 3 month increments and the decision to proceed should feel intuitive at each increment.  If you are heading towards IUI or IVF click here for treatment frequency.

Aggressive treatment in our clinic

for 3-12 months with no assisted techniques costs about $1000 – $4000 with a 50%+ success rate.  Compared to **$1500-$4000 for the average IUI with a 15% success rate, and **$12,500 for the average IVF with a maximum fresh cycle success rate of 40%, Nashville Natural Fertility provides a humanistic, nurturing, and cost effective treatment option.

Insurance Coverage

While more and more insurance companies are covering acupuncture and our other modalities, coverage is still relatively rare.  You should call your insurance company to see if they cover acupuncture and if they do, we will gladly provide you with the appropriate forms for submission.  We require payment at the time of service.

**Sources for IUI & IVF cost:

“If you use your partner’s sperm, the average cost of artificial insemination in the United States is between $300 and $700 per cycle. Add in the cost of ultrasound monitoring and medication, and the price can range from $1,500 to $4,000. The cost may vary depending on your clinic, where you live, and whether you use a donor’s sperm, which is a little more expensive. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover this treatment, you’ll have to pay the entire cost up front.”  (source babycenter.com)

“The average cost of an IVF cycle in the United States is $12,400. Like other extremely delicate medical procedures, IVF involves highly trained professionals with sophisticated laboratories and equipment, and the cycle may need to be repeated to be successful.” (source www.asrm.org)