There is a long history of inducing delivery with acupuncture.

Doctors are quick to induce with harsh drugs.  We take a more gentle approach. Assuming the baby is head down and mother is healthy, we do a treatment every other day until delivery.  Mother lays on her side and we needle points in the low back that innervate the uterus.  We then hook up a small electroacpuncture machine that sends a gentle current to the needles.  We also needle a point above the pubic bone to relax the cervix and several other points that stimulate the uterus and create downward movement. Sounds scary, but its actually quite relaxing to mom.

The electroacupuncture stimulates uterine contractions.  Usually 2-5 treatments does the trick.  About 70% of the women we induce deliver naturally!  Success rates increase with increased dilation and contraction sensation, though we’ve had success with no dilation or contractions.