Making the Decision to Work with us

We know fertility and women’s health issues are complex and emotionally challenging and we want you to feel completely comfortable in your decision to work with us.

You are welcome to schedule a free 15 minute Q&A or email us at to answer any questions you have. We welcome questions so don’t ever hesitate to ask.

We strongly recommend you read

Making Babies:  A Proven 3 Month Program for Maximum Fertility by Sami David and Jill Blakeway which very clearly outlines our philosophy and approach.  The book is wonderful but is not a self help book so we don’t recommend you make any changes until you meet with us.  We are here to help you make sense of it and guide your treatment.

We’ll listen to where you are in the fertility process

and let you decide how to proceed. We can treat many conditions naturally with just our tools:  acupuncture, herbs, dietary & lifestyle recommendations,  and sometimes massage or yoga, and/or we can help make an IUI or IVF more likely to succeed.

First Visit

The First Visit is scheduled for 90 minutes and includes a full health and reproductive history, both from a western and Chinese medicine perspective.  We will then combine your western medical diagnoses, your Chinese Medicine Diagnosis and your goals and expectations to formulate a treatment plan.  We will always let you guide treatment.  You will receive a treatment on your first visit.

Follow Up Visits

Follow up visits are scheduled for 1 hour, but usually take 45-50 minutes.  We will get feedback from previous treatments, analyze BBT charts if appropriate, and make adjustments as needed.

More Questions?

Email us at or contact us by phone.

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